Who We Are

FIXED views maintenance and repair from a unique perspective, not just through the eyes of a single trade like a plumber or electrician, but as a property owner.  Combined, we’ve spent more than 80 years managing and maintaining property, dealing with thousands of service vendors.  When friends and family would ask for a referral, and after a thorough set of questions about the type of repair needed, the list of names was always short.

FIXED evolved out of a desire to have a one-stop maintenance and repair solution that delivers all the service "positives" from a life-time of experiences.  These include a professional maintenance service that is reliable, arrives on-time, never "no shows," pays attention to detail, respects your property, communicates well and provides proof of service…all at a reasonable price.  The sort of company that we’d call for our own property repairs and eagerly refer to someone else.  Our goal is simple…to make sure your issue gets FIXED and you are happy with your service experience to call us again!

How We Are Different

When you choose FIXED to solve your Residential or Commercial repairs, we will deliver all the service “positives” from those experiences to your home or business.
 We arrive on time
 Never “no show”
 Pay attention to detail
 Respect your property
 Communicate well
 Provide exceptional customer service
 Provide proof of service

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Our services will exceed your expectations!
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